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Mechanisms of Pacific Climate Variability & Change

By combining reanalyses data, climate model large-ensembles, and Linear Inverse Models (LIMs), this research aims at developing the theory and understanding of the mechanisms that energize the modes of Pacific climate variability and the dynamics of tropical-extratropical coupling in a changing climate.

This project (2019-2022) aims at developing a fundamental understanding and synthesis of the processes that drive Pacific decadal variability (PDV) in Earth System Models (ESMs) under different external climate forcing scenarios using simulations from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) and E3SM v1. In this project we diagnose, and compare across ESMs, the role of coupled ocean‐atmosphere processes and feedbacks, determine how they contribute to predictable PDV dynamics and how they are affected by unpredictable stochastic forcing, and evaluate mean state dependencies including those associated with anthropogenic external forcing.

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